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100% Volunteer Fire Department

Millions of kids dream of becoming a firefighter when they grow up. However, not as many actually do. If you still have aspirations of fighting fires and protecting your community, becoming a volunteer firefighter is the path for you! The Shelton Fire Department is always accepting applications for new volunteers. As a new member you will be provided with all the necessary training and equipment. Our members are equipped with pagers that notify them when an emergency occurs and respond to calls during all hours of the day.

About Us

Shelton’s Fire Department provides fire protection; provides rescue services and conducts fire prevention and safety programs to the community. Currently, staffed by 225 volunteers, the department consists of four fire companies operating from four stations located throughout the city.

  • Serve your community
  • Resume experience
  • Free training classes
  • Physical fitness program and gym
  • Length of Service Awards Program
  • Camaraderie, brotherhood, and team work

If you think you can handle the heat, fill out the form on this page and a recruiter will be in touch with you shortly.

Get In Touch With A Recruiter
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What We Offer

    • Large Call Volume
    • Free Training
    • Retirement Program
    • Camaraderie
    • Gym Membership